How to increase your engagement on LinkedIn?

This is a short overview of looking at ways of increasing engagement.

1. Understand your audience

Before anything else, you MUST understand who you're talking to and who will consume your content and what value you bring to them.

To put it simply, define your niche and ask yourself "What are the unique insights I can share"

2. Encourage a conversation

When posting, make sure you're encouraging response from the reader, whether is asking for feedback, pressing questions. Anything that is relevant to the topic

It can be simple as "What do you think" "What is your take on this"

3. Create diverse content

Once you've got the topic you want to talk about, break it down to other topics you want to talk about. Create different content to stand out

Create videos, docs, images

4. Use a Linkedin analytics tool

Tools enable you to understand who is consuming your content and the engagement on all your posts to better understand which performs better and WHY.

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