Linkedin analytics to help you grow your personal brand

A tool that provides actionable insights to better understand your linkedin data

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Key features

A Dashbord full of data

Keep all your data and charts in one place. Full view of all metrics

Increase engagment

Find out what works in no time. You see all of your stats in in a comprehensive dashboard.

weekly digests

Get a quick overview of each weeks insights in your inbox.

See why people engage with your content

With key audience insights, based on company, region and occupation. Understand who consumes your content and tailor your approach

Actionable insights

It provides critical information that social media managers, marketers, and others can use to improve their performance, learn about their audience, and track their progress against key goals.

Data all in one place

Updates in real time

Connects to other metrics

Great for personal brands

tool users can utilize to measure how the effectiveness of their social strategy and monitor their performance.

Insight into content performance

Impressions, likes, shares, and frequency of posts

Data you won't get from Linkedin Directly

Combine Linkedin data and data we grab to make sense

Grow your brand

Increase engagement and grow your brand

Linkedin insights like never before

Early adopters get a launch deal 🚀

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£12month per account
  • limited to 1 account
  • Analytics on posts and articles
  • Post Engagement


🎉Limited 50% Launch deal

£25mo per account
  • Up to 2 accounts
  • Analytics on posts and articles
  • Audience breakdown
  • Linkedin Tips and Tricks


🎉Limited 50% Launch deal.

£32mo per account
  • Up to 5 accounts
  • Analytics on posts and articles
  • Audience breeakdown
  • Linkedin Tips and Tricks
  • Priority support
  • Profile metrics

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